We are a modern Alternate Legal Service Provider (ALS) that provides a range of legal solutions to clients. CapabilityLegal matches its service offering to those of its clients, seamlessly integrating our offerings into your business, becoming an an extension to your business, your customers and clients.

As experts in our field, we undertake your legal services at a higher and more efficient level. We specialise so you don’t need to.

We are you in every aspect of your business; in culture, approach and style.

Powered by legal experts who stay abreast of commercial, regulatory, common law and labour law environments.

We help you unpack what is core and non-core to your legal department, bring enabling technology, and streamlined processes.

We offer clients specialised outsourcesd legal services powered by quality legal expertise, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Being a complete back office support function to Legal, Human Resource department.

Traditionally legal services are costly. Our cost effective, non-traditional approach to legal support services enables clients to focus on their strategic objectives by either outsourcing parts of their legal needs or entrusting their legal department with us as a whole. Our approach means less cost on expensive resources, office space and technology processes.

CapabilityLegal bring together a team of legal professionals with extensive experience across various sectors with the ability to process and deliver on both niche and high-volume legal needs.

Legal and Business Expertise

As change-makers, we tailor our legal solutions around the legal needs of our clients. Clients outsource their legal requirements such as Contract and Document Management, Claims processing, Litigation, Consulting and Back Office Support, etc, knowing we have a real-time focus on supporting them in meeting their legal obligations to their clients. Our lawyers and legal department act as legal ambassadors as an extension to our client’s operations, with not only seamless transactions, but on-time delivery at competitive prices.

CapabiltyLegal is located at the heart of Durban, a city recently named “the new darling of South Africa” by International Forbes magazine, and for good reason. Durban as an offshore location for international clients has much to offer. A wealth of knowledge and skills, passionate and enthusiastic people combined with sound English language proficiency at a competitive cost base, Durban South Africa is fast becoming a popular location to International clients with an invested interest in outsourcing into South Africa.


Alternative Legal Services

A unique audit of core and non-core functions to identify where spending is focused, where spending can be reduced through reduction of staff and brick and mortar offices.

Alternative Legal Services

Reallocating all non-core functions and refocusing our clients on what they are really in business to achieve; building and focusing on your brand and business and its core functions.

Alternative Legal Services

Operating platforms for our clients enabling the professional maintenance of procurement systems, maintenance of contract environments, legislative compliance and dispute resolution.

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