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We help you unpack what is core and non-core to your legal department, bring enabling technology, streamlined processes.

Legal Processing Partner

CapabilityLegal partners

As a trusted legal processing partner, CapabilityLegal partners with international clients with an interest in outsourcing into South Africa.

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Customer Experience

It is not about purely replacing processes. It’s about creating spectacular customer experiences through our legal expertise.


Our solutions are delivered by creative and talented employees; passionate about what they do, radiating energy with breath-taking results, through a process of:

  • Operating platforms for our clients enabling the professional maintenance of procurement systems, maintenance of contract environments, legislative compliance and dispute resolution.
  • Being a complete back office support function to Legal, Human Resource department.
  • Reallocating all non-core functions and refocusing our clients on what they are really in business to achieve; building and focusing on your brand and business and its core functions.
  • A unique audit of core and non-core functions to identify where spending is focused, where spending can be reduced through reduction of staff and brick and mortar offices.


Our alternative legal services solutions are transforming the way business conduct their legal processes. Our cost-effective and efficient solutions are scalable and flexible; powered by legal experts who stay abreast of commercial, regulatory, common law and labour law environments.

Whether your needs are purely transactional, in need of our high-volume legal services or require the niche skill of a professional and experienced attorney to address your highly complex legal activities our tried and tested global service delivery model can enable and transform your business.

CapabilityLegal bring together a team of legal professionals with extensive experience across various sectors with the ability to process and deliver on both niche and high-volume legal needs.

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